Evan Smith 

is a Saxophonist and Music Educator based in the greater Philadelphia area. He has earned three degrees at Rowan University specializing in Music Education: General Music, Music Education: Instrumental Music, and Jazz Performance. He has studied with great minds such as Denis DiBlasio, Lilli Levinowitz, Tim Powell, Larry Mckenna, George Rabbai, Dean Schnieder, Carl Cox, Tony Salicandro, Richard Dammers, and more. 


Evan is a freelance musician who performs with many groups such as the Dirty Bohemians, No Commitment, Ashka Jazz Orchestra. He recently became a part of and toured with the famous Canadian band, The Arkells, as a part as a part of the Liberty Bell Brass Boys. He also has his own group named  Ghost House which is a modern jazz sextet, they primarily perform original compositions by Evan Smith and his Co-Leader Brandon Dixon.

Evan plays all genres and venues from Classical Recitals, Jazz Small Groups at lounges,  Big bands in Concert Halls, to Rock and Funk horn sections in amphitheaters. 

Educational Philosophy

Evan's educational approach is centered around utilitarian, humanistic, civic, economic, and social melioristic philosophies. Meaning his methods of teaching are centered around the student with the intention to make the student a better civilian. Making the student a better civilian reforms society to produce a better economy. This is facilitated through an educational approach which maximizes happiness of learning. 

Music teaches many important aspects such as Responsibility, Respect,  Time Management , Hard Work yields good results, Team Work, Self Confidence, and more.